A Quality Lens Cleaning Cloth by Sunwayfoto(by S.C.V)

Sunwayfoto is expanding their line of useful accessories by the introduction of their quality Lens Cleaning Cloth individually packaged available for everybody.

Originally the Cleaning Cloth had started shipping in the past summer, included in all Sunwayfoto Ball-head, Leveling Base and Indexing Rotator boxes, intended for their maintenance.

However, its smooth texture, softness and high absorption abilities make it ideal for more delicate uses as the cleaning of filters and/or lenses with excellent results.

The Package

Sunwayfoto Cleaning Cloth comes in a white 5 pack box with some usage illustrations at the back. Each cloth is individually sealed in a plastic bag in order to avoid contamination from dust or dirt.

The Product
Sunwayfoto Cleaning Cloth is made of specially treated Cotton compared to other synthetic microfibers. Cotton although more expensive, being a natural product, has superior qualities.

The Cleaning Cloth comes in Black Color, quite indicative of any dust particles it collects. Each cloth is 250 X 180 mm (9 3/4 X 7″) which again I find quite larger than many similar products in the market. Its texture is very fine and smooth.

The Uses
The Cotton treatment makes the cloth lint free thus ideal for glass surfaces as filters and lenses.

Running a small test on one of my lenses, proved that Sunwayfoto cloth was very fast not only in removing small dust particles but also smears of skin grease which weren’t easy to remove with a silicon-treated cleaning paper I used up to now.

クイッククランプ Sunwayfoto DDC-60購入 (by soigar.jp )



manfrotto 一脚  一脚ティルトトップ 234

manfrotto 一脚 一脚ティルトトップ 234

定価:¥ 3,360

Amazon価格:¥ 2,394




manfrotto 一脚  コンパクト一脚 680B

manfrotto 一脚 コンパクト一脚 680B

定価:¥ 8,715

Amazon価格:¥ 6,336




欲しかったのは50mm幅の DDC-50だ、でも60mm幅のDDC-60と$1しか変わらない。大は小を兼ねるってことで。
商品代$48.0+送料$6.12 合計$54.12 日本円で約4330円くらい。10日ほどで届いたw

Sunwayfoto DDC-60 箱

Sunwayfoto DDC-60


早速合体!のはずが、680BじゃなくてSLIKの三脚mini2に234+Sunwayfoto DDC-60
だって一脚だと自立しないんだもん( ;∀;)


Sunwayfoto-DDC-60 ProMediaGear MB-D10




Sunwayfoto Focusing Handle (by tkysstd.com)

SunwayfotoのFocusing Handle

いかにも中華なネーミングに若干ひるむも(出来の悪いのは安くてもいらないから)、サイトに行ってみるとそこでの写真はクオリティよさげ。アルカ互換のプ レートやらクランプを買った人のブログなぞ見ても意外に高評価。へー、と思い、勢い余って結構な量を自分も買ってみたが、確かに米国系のブランドに負けて はいないかんじ。

そんな流れのなかでなにげに光る小物発見的な Focusing Handle















最近流行りのフォローフォーカスなしなRun & Gunスタイルにももってこいじゃん。

77サイズはEF70-200/2.8L IIにもぎりぎり使えた。




B&Hにはまだ入荷してなく(Sunwayfotoの取り扱いはある) 、Adoramaには影もカタチもなし。ebayその他でどうぞ。おぬぬめ。誰か一緒に買う?


what the difference between Manfrotto 190xPROB vs 190PROB

I am looking to purchase a used manfrotto 190xprob with 804rc2 head, i have seen a used 190prob for sale on ebay with a 141rc head what is the difference between the 2 models? one better than the other or just an updated version? will I benefit from paying more for the newer model?  any advantages to either?

I went on the UK manfrotto site and searched for the obviously older PROB but it did not come up with anything only the new XPROB model.probably not a great deal of different, the 190Pro is just the older version of the 190xpro from what I can see, weight and size seem roughly the same. The difference with tripods that you’ll notice is between carbon and aluminium, the aluminium tripods are heavy, about 2kg compared with just over 1kg.
Differences between Manfrotto 190xprob and 190prob?

The “x” is the later (and, I think, current) version.

The leg lock levers are a different shape. (I think the old ones are better – more comfortable to operate.)

WIth the Manfrotto Tripod 190XPROB, I think the central column is in two parts – you have to unscrew these and then reassemble to put the column horizontal. (You can also use just the top part as a short column on its own – but only vertically. So you can have the camera low down without having to have the column horizontal, as you would with the 190X. Or leave the bottom part of the column at home to cut down on weight.)

There might be a difference in the various angles you can put the legs at. I have the 055MF3 (same generation as the 190PROB) and the 055XPROB (larger version of the 190XPROB) and the choice of angles is better with the later one – the next widest after the normal position is too wide on the 055MF3. Not a big deal – you can still position the legs anywhere you like between the click stops.

Personally, I’d prefer the 190PROB (even at the same price), but the 190XPRO is the later and, Manfrotto would say, “improved” version. 

Newly redesigned, the 190XPROB makes the famous Manfrotto-patented horizontal centre column feature even easier to use. Now, by extending the column to its highest vertical position, it can be swung round to horizontal without removing the head or disassembling the column itself, so switching between framing and positioning setups is more convenient than ever. The ergonomics of the leg angle release mechanism and the quick action leg locks themselves have also been greatly improved.

Manfrotto Ball Head 496 best price Manfrotto uk

Manfrotto 496 Ball Head Replaces Manfrotto 486 description

This ball head has been totally redesigned for better ease of use. The new friction control knob allows the photographer to achieve superior control when handling the camera and making micro movements without having to totally lock and unlock the ball head. The locking knob on this head have been redesigned to be more ergonomic, easier to handle and more user-friendly. The ergonomic shape allows the user to better lock the ball for security. A smart repositionable locking lever allows the user to place it in a comfortable position in order to use it in the most convenient way. Just pull it outwards, put it in the best working position and then release it. The locking lever securely locks the head both in the +90° -90° ball positioning and in the 360° pan positions. This head is designed to hold a 35mm SLR camera with medium-weight lens or light medium format style camera up to 13 pounds. The 496 replaces the Manfrotto 486RC2.

Manfrotto Compact Ball Head 496


Buy Manfrotto Ball Head at Low Price ,Brand New with 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty, in Original Packaging! shop ball head Manfrotto uk lowest price.

Manfrotto Compact Ball Head 496 with RC2 Rapid Connect Plate

The Manfrotto 496 Compact Ball Head with RC2 Quick Release Plate is constructed of die-cast aluminum, strong enough to support SLR or DSLR cameras with a medium lens, and light medium format cameras. It has a single repositionable locking lever for 360 panoramic rotation, 90 tilt movement, plus a friction control for precise positioning. Cameras are attached to the ball head with the 200PL-14 Plate and RC2 Quick Release Plate with 1/4'' male threads. The head to tripod attachment has 3/8'' female threads. Additionally, the Quick Release Plate has a safety system to prevent an accidental detaching from the head.

Manfrotto 496RC2 Compact Ball Head with RC2 for Tripod

Medium size, light, with quick release – perfect for amateurs and professionals
The Manfrotto 496 Compact Ball Head is strong enough to take 35mm SLR cameras with medium lenses, and light medium format cameras. It has a single repositionable locking lever for 360� panoramic rotation and +/-90� tilt movements plus a friction control for safer and more precise movement. Camera to head attachment is via a Manfrotto 200PL-14 quick-release plate with a 1/4” male thread and the head to tripod attachment is a 3/8” female thread. The Manfrotto 496 Compact Ball Head features an all aluminum construction with elliptic holes to reduce weight and a matt-black finish.